To the Shores of Nórthór

by Baumbart

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This conceptional album – set in the fantasy world Ellínór – tells the story of thirtythree brave merchants from the land of Thousandsprings that sail above the Great Center Sea to the Eastern continent of Nórthór, where they hope to find new possibilities of trading. At the same time in Nórthór there is an uprising of eager dwarves that attack major parts of Nórthór to suppress all other folks to reign above the West of the continent.

Everything begins with a discovery of a huge amount of copper ore in the Southern Mountains of Thousandsprings and the question, where to sell it. Thousandsprings lies in the West of El’úthó and is a relatively poor folk by then. The king and his counselors see the discovery as an opportunity to reach wealth and prosperity, but without having an idea of where the wealth should come from. The neighbor folks on the El’úthan continent are not wealthier than the Men of Thousandsprings themselves and the Western continent Líthon is an unknown and unsung place that is feard by every El’úthan. The only possibility, they can think of, is the faraway Nórthór, deep in the East, at the other side of the Great Center Sea. Eventually the king decides to send his most famous and bravest shipmaster, Hjálmar the Brave, on an adventurous journey far into the East, without knowing something about the Uprising of the Eager Dwarves.


released July 1, 2014

Baumbart is:
M.A. Brode - Vocals, Dist. Guitars
J.F. Hagen - Keys, Backing Vocals
Anton Müller - Bass Guitar
Nico Fürbach - Acoustic Guitars
Severin Weiand - Drums, Vocals, Keys, Dist. Guitars

Songs & Arrangement by Baumbart
Lyrics by M.A. Brode, Severin Weiand

Recorded, Mixed & Mastered by Severin Weiand

Logo art by Dominik Schäfer
Cover art by Janine Ehmer



all rights reserved


Baumbart Oberhausen, Germany

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Track Name: Prologue: Nórthór's Discord
The year is 107 Duuran Era in the Eastern dwarf-lands. Far from the rough western coasts, in the very East of Nórthór lies the mighty realm of Duur, a folk of brave, long-bearded dwarves, noble and kindhearted as none of the other dwarves.
For a long time this folk's king was the king of whole Nórthór and back in those days there was harmony and peace. But decades ago a gruesome king mounted the western realm's throne and brought misery and fear to the coasts of Nórthór. He reigned the shores and havens and enslaved all foreign merchants that durst to sail the Nórthan streams and rivers. And he formed such a strong army that not even the bravest and greatest folks were able to defeat it. But the world is turning and who knows, whether there will be once one or not.
Track Name: Crimson Rivers (A Western Threat)
Blood of the lords and the crown of the king
Has sunk in the driftsand of neverending dark.
Tears of the falling and blood of the dead
Has soaked the banks of Nórthórs vein of life.

Towns have been burned and homes got destroyed,
Children got orphaned und families torn apart.
Torn apart and hidden in the dark
They ask themselves: Is there any chance of hope?

Thousands died on the battlefields
Thrown into the Deep Stream,
Turned into a crimson River,
Turned into a River of BLOOD!

A Western Threat has grown
In lands of Dwarven kings.
The Vicious mounted the throne
To conquer! To torment
The Ancient Eastern Kingdom's
Tormented Ancestors!
A Western Threat has grown,
The Vicious One has mounted the THRONE!

Time went by and the blood chased away,
But the fear remained in the hearts of hidden men.
Starving, forgotten and craving for revenge
They wait in their forts of the rutted Mounts of Dawn.

Swords and plans were forged in their dens
For taking revenge for the torment, they endured.
But in the end: Who knows, what will come?
What the future will bring to the men of Cyane Fields?

The Vicious One has crowned himself
To rule Nórthórs west,
Turned into an evil force,
To conquer which remains!


Here I stand on the battlefields
See my fallen brothers
It shall never be forgotten,
'akh Ghand nal Bhánam Al'adúr
("The Battle of the Crimson Stream")

Thousands died on the battlefields
Thrown into the Deep Stream,
Turned into a crimson River,
Turned into a River of BLOOD!

To conquer! To torment
The Ancient Eastern Kingdom's
Tormented Ancestors!
A Western Threat has grown,
The Vicious One has mounted the THRONE!
Track Name: To the Shores of Nórthór
Infinitive sources of ore were found in the Southern Mountains
Is this the turn to a new Thousandsprings?
Is this the key to our wealth?
But how shall we sell it? El'úthó's folks are poor.
And Líthon, the Westland, unsung and obscure!

Yet it's said, that the East is reigned by Dwarfs
And dwarfs are known for steel!
In their halls of stone many swords have been born
For the great kings of the East

So let's set the sails for the unknown!
Set the sails for foreign shores
Set the sail for the unknown land,
Let the fate guide us to Nórthór!
So let's set the sails for the dwarf lords!
Set the sails for Eastern shores
Set the sail for the unknown land,
Nórthór in the East! Nórthór in the East!

Now the journey begins, a long way into the unknown
We don't know what will come, don't know, who returns
But we will carry on!

For the king!

Eastwards and southwards we sail,
Over endless, deep blue sea,
Free as we've never been before,
On the way to Eastern shores!

So let's set the sails for the unknown!
Set the sails for foreign shores
Set the sail for the unknown land,
Let the fate guide us to Nórthór!
So let's set the sails for the dwarf lords!
Set the sails for Eastern shores
Set the sail for the unknown land,
Nórthór in the East! Nórthór in the East!
Nórthór in the East!
Track Name: The Great Center Sea
The longer we drift upon the Great Center Sea
The more does our hope fade away
Twentythree days and the same count of nights
Passed by since we've left our home

Storms have tortured us
Forced us to our knees
The shores still aren't in sight!

The twentyfourth day upon the Great Center Sea
Was the turn of our journey
Both painful and lucky for us was the storm
That brought back the westerly winds

Cause in this great and heavy storm
Our provision got over board
And a quarter of our crew died in the waves
But the journey has to be carried on

Storms are torturing us
Forcing us to our knees
The shores still aren't in sight!
Track Name: Gleaming Beaches (The Arrival)
Track Name: The Assault
They've hidden in the bushes, they hidden in the fields
Until they shot their arrows straight into our shields
When spears had torn our sails, there was no escape
After storms have tortured us, these dwarfs are our fate!

The Deep Stream in the East
Is reigned by evil dwarves
The deep stream of Nórthór
Will it be our death?

We started with hope, some died in the waves
And in dwarven land's our fate: to be slaves
This far and no further, our journey has an end
In a dwarven prison our time will be spent
Track Name: Blood & Tears
A hollow bell from far away
Is ringing in our ears
A hollow bell is heard by us
Sign of new day's pain
Our "work" begins, down in the shaft
Mining tin for dwarven lords

Dwarven lords, our legends tell, are kind and noble men
The real world though tells wholly other stories

In fact we heard from other slaves,
There are noble dwarves in Nórthór,
But far, far in the East they live,
In the mountains of the Springs of the Deep Stream

And we have sworn us, if we ever
Find a way outside this hell
We will sail to them
And they shall show us Nórthan hospitality as it's told

But for now...

We carry a burden of darkest dreams
We walk through hellfire and flames
Being slaves to the evil that lives in the Eastern lands
We toil and we drudge in the pits of doom
We'll die in this hell and dig our own tombs
And crying blood and tears!
We're crying bloody tears!

Crying seagulls in my dreams
of raging winds in bluish sails
And breaking waves at our hull
Every night and day

Is this the truth?
Is this our end?
Is this a dream?
What fate intends?

Track Name: Interlogue: Fate
When time has come to become stronger, the wise and sage ones will gather. When time has come to fight, the brave and strong ones will prepare.
And time now has come.
Right in the middle of Nórthór it took place, that servants of the gruesome dwarf-king beheaded the venerable king of the ancient men-kingdom of Wolven Moon. Immediately the old and noble folk cried out for vengeance and gathered a giant army from all of Leafy Forest to march into the tormented land at the shores.
So time had come to rise and the wise and brave ones rose.
Track Name: Wolven Moon Rising
"Assault! Enslavement! Murder! Beheading! Revenge!

We the folk of bravery, folk of moon and stars so bright,
We, the folk from Leafy Forest, folk of wolven night,
Avenge oneself for the beheading of our venerable king!


The war between our oppressor and the foreign wolven knights
Was a turn in our own destiny!
As the war got fiercer and fiercer, dead bodies were lying on the ground,
We took our chance to break free, from our unguarded jail!

We take weapons from fallen dwarfs,
Sneaking through the battlefields
Until we're free!

The way to freedom was paved by a Wolven Moon!
By the head of a king and the blood of a thousand men!
The price, that is paid will be high
But the gruesome king will die!

We take a ship and we set sail
But where to go to be
Finally free?

Track Name: Freedom
Hours have passed since our lucky escape
The dwarven ship is hard to sail
In heavy fog above this land
We slowly can see a shape

On the highest branch of the biggest oak
On these far-reaching meadows
From his nocturnal sleep a falcon awoke
And Hjálmar, our captain spoke:

"Fly proudly, oh falcon, you native of the air
Free as you are - fly everywhere
Of your freedom, my friend, take very good care
Cause without it you'll be lost in despair!"

And as if the falcon had understood
It stretched its silver wings
And the wind has carried it far away
To the plains and hills and springs!

"Sail proudly, my fellows, brave men of Thousandsprings
Free as you are - live, sail and sing
Of our freedom, my friends, we'll take very good care
And to the Eastern dwarves we will fare!"

Lalalai lala lai...

We have no ore! We have no gold!
But the last thing dying is our hope
No return! Too far we have come!
Let us sing, let us hum
Our songs from home!
Track Name: The Deep Stream
A wanderer that we have met
At the river's southern shore
Has told us stories 'bout a dragon
In these darkblue stream.

Older than the Nórthan mountains - IS THE DRAGON!
Before the cloudy skies were born - HE WAS BORN!

The beast lives in the depth of blue
And terrorizes Deep Stream sailors
So usually noone sails
upon it East of Leafy Woods - WHERE HE LIVES!

The beast arrives at day or night
And will perform a deadly fight
A sudden death awakes
Death by a dragon snake - WHICH HE IS!

FIRE Arises from the water!
DEATH Will overcome us all!

(Solo S. Weiand)

Hjálmar fired a deadly arrow
Straight into the dragon's eye
The beast has died with a deafening cry
And sunk to the ground of the deepblue stream
Track Name: A Second Moon Above
With nothing to trade we reached this journey's end.
Brought by destiny and fate we came to the Duuran land.

The land, where mighty mountains highly soar above The Plains,
And well-earned dwarven pride for all eternity remains.
Where water falls a thousand feet from auburn rocks to streams so deep
And kings of dwarffolk reign so kind that noone cruelty has to mind.

From miles afar we can see the giant gate
A hundred feet's the height and half a hundred is it wide
Astonished we stare at this masterpiece, the dwarven stonesmiths' legacy
As we sail slowly on and on.

Another mile upstream we sailed,
The moment of truth came close
Anxiety in us arose
Fear that we could have failed.

But the dwarven noblemen had heard about our story
And awfully they regretted, what happened in the West
To the king of Duur we were conducted by great and august dwarven knights
To the king who sat in front of the dwarven gate

The king heard from the dragons death and he spoke:

"Regardless of whether you can show me your El'úthan ore or not
And regardless of whether it is excellent - as you might tell me or not
The Duuran dwarves would never reject such brave and dedicate people like you!"

And whilst he spoke these gracious words, I looked to the heavens above
The sun had set and on the Western skies the moon had risen
When suddenly in the East as well, a second moon arose

A second moon, so bright and gorgeous, rises at the Eastern skies
He lights the way, that we have come and we will fare again
Rise, oh beauty of the night, second moon above us, rise!
A second moon, it shines so bright, high at the Eastern skies
He lights the way, we've come alone and fare again with friends
Rise, oh beauties of the night, the two of you, rise
And light our homeward way!
Track Name: Epilogue: Nórthór's concord
When times are tough and the world needs something more than lonesome heroes, the gods will lend their hands to those who deserve it. And so it comes, that there will always be unions against the evil, when- and whereever it will appear.